Venice, Italy

I am so in love with travelling. I took a trip to Italy this summer and it was by far the best trip I have ever taken. Hopefully my life will be full of trips like this one. One of my favorite places in Italy was Venice. The coffee, the water, the boats, the streets, I fell in love with it all.  It was absolutely stunning! It looks exactly like the pictures. And of course I love anything that looks good in pictures. The whole time that I was in Italy I just wanted to stop and stare at the things we were passing. And then of course I would be yelled at to keep walking!


I could honestly stare at this city for so many hours. When we arrived to Venice I was wearing a two piece outfit from American Eagle. I hardly ever shop there anymore, but I did find this outfit. I love it for travelling since we had to take a long train ride. It is extremely comfortable and so cute!! It has an adorable floral pattern, which gave me a European vibe. And of course I just threw my hair up in a bun as usual.

Our first night in Venice my family and I decided that we had to go on a gondola ride. Let me tell you, it was so worth the wait and the money. It is such a great experience and it is something that you have to do when you are in Venice. I saw things from such a different view when I was on the water. We also took the ride while the sun was setting, which was absolutely gorgeous!


On our first night I wore this outfit, which I had gotten it all from previous cities that I visited in Italy! I am in love with these staple flowy, stiped pants. I paired it with this black tank that knotted in the middle. I also wore my chunky heeled sandals with this outfit.


The next day we did a lot of exploring on our own. We walked so much! And got lost quite a bit considering all of the streets look the same! I was really nice getting to see the city and doing our own thing rather than being on a tour. I wore this button down skirt that was also from Italy. It is blue and white stripes and I am still so obsessed with it.I paired it with this shirt that I got from American Eagle. It has a lace up look and also has a gorgeous lace detailing on it. I can’t forget to say that it is also super soft! And I just slipped on some blue slip-ons. We did a lot of walking so I wanted to make sure that I was in comfortable shoes.



Bailey Leanne

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