Dominican Republic

I have recently traveled to the Dominican Republic, otherwise known as República Dominicana. You probably don’t know that I absolutely love Spanish. I love learning it, speaking it, and the different cultures behind it. That is why I had such an amazing experience in the DR. It was filled with so much adventure and many memories were made. During this trip I did not care at all about what I was wearing or doing my makeup and hair. The only thing I worried about was having a good time and enjoying the culture around me.



It was nothing like staying at a five star resort. The things I remember most from the hotel was three minute cold showers and broken air conditioning. I was fully emerged into the culture, which was absolutely the best part. I was only there for five days. But, let me tell you, within those five days my Spanish skills improved so much.


I was able to do some up-scale touristy things, but I also got to do some other pretty amazing things like zip-lining through a rain forest and walking across a suspense bridge. I had to sign a waver before I did those things and didn’t realize why until I did it. Those things are crazy! Every view I saw was just simply breath taking. You could find the beauty in everything.



I also went to a beach resort for a day to fit in some relaxation time. I ventured off of the beach with some of my friends for a walk and met some genuinely nice locals. And that is another thing about this country, everybody is so kind and expressive! One day I got to visit these caves that were so beautiful. We technically weren’t aloud to take pictures inside, but of course I had to sneak in my GoPro and take a shot! (that’s why the picture is a little blurry).




Overall, this trip was simply amazing. I have traveled out of the country before, but only on a cruise. So this was really the first time I traveled internationally. I can definitely say that it has sparked something inside of me to keep me traveling for the rest of my life.


Bailey Leanne

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