Small Steps

Recently I was scrolling through my Twitter feed (find me @ItsBaileySelman) and I came across something that can honestly change your life. It was a list of 16 things that will make your life so a little more worth living. It helps you be productive and doing these things make you feel good. These simple and easy steps will make your day a little happier and a little brighter and bring you a little closer to success.

I don’t take any credit for coming up with this list, but I thought it was worth sharing. I also added some of my own thoughts and words to some of them.

  1. Push yourself to fall asleep earlier- start with 11pm, then 10pm, then 9pm. Wake up feeling re-energized and ready to conquer the day.
  2. Push yourself to wake up before the rest of the world- start with 7am, then 6am, then 5:30am. Go to the nearest hill and watch the sunrise. I’ve realized that waking up earlier, with the right amount of sleep, makes the day feel so much better and productive.
  3. Erase the processed food from your diet- Start with no candy, chips, biscuits, then erase the pasta, cereal, and bread. Eat natural food, better for the body and soul. But, this also doesn’t mean dieting to eat less food. You should diet to eat better food. Food is fuel and we should give our bodies plenty of good fuel. We only get one body, so we should take care of it!
  4. Get into the habit of cooking yourself a beautiful breakfast- fry tomatoes and veggies in real butter, fry and egg, chop up an avocado and some fruit, squirt lots of lemon on it. Sit, eat, and do nothing else. I’ve realized that eating while listening to music or while sitting outside it so much better than starring at a phone.
  5. Stretch- start by reaching for the sky as hard as you can, then try touching your toes, roll your head, stretch everything. Your body will love you for this.
  6. Drink more water- buy a 1 liter water bottle, start by drinking it once a day, then twice. Water helps you in so many ways. You can never drink too much water.
  7. Journal your life- buy a beautiful diary and a beautiful pen, write down everything you do, all of your thoughts, dates, appointments, what you need to do, no detail is too small. I tend to get stressed out very easily and I get a lot of things piled up in my mind. I’ve found that writing in a journal helps me feel a lot better. I feel like writing it down really relieves some stress.
  8. Clean- strip your bed of your sheets and empty all of your drawers into the washing machine, put too much scented fabric softener in, and make your bed in full. Clean sheets is one of the best feelings ever.
  9. Organize your room- fold all of your clothes, bag what you don’t want, clean your mirror, clean your laptop, vacuum the floor, and light a beautiful candle. When you are surrounded by a clean and organized place it helps you feel a lot more productive.
  10. Clean yourself- have a luxurious shower with your favorite music playing, wash your hair, scrub your body, brush your teeth, lather your whole body with moisturizer, get to know the part between your toes, your legs, and the back of your neck.
  11. Push yourself to go for a walk- take your headphones, go to the beach, smile at strangers, bring your dog. Walks are a good for thinking or not thinking at all.
  12. Message old friends- use personal jokes, reminisce, suggest to catch up soon, push yourself to follow through. Be the best friend you can be.
  13. Think long and hard about what interests you- find a book about it and read it, there’s a book for everything.
  14. Become the person you would fall in love with- let people merge, stick your tongue out at babies, ask people about their stories, compliment people, turn acquaintances into friends. Love and happiness is so contagious. Be the one to spread it.
  15. Dream of the life you would love to live is failure weren’t an option- take a deep breath, open your eyes, and make it happen. Failure is something that our minds create. We can accomplish anything as long as we can believe in ourselves.


Bailey Leanne

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