A Daily Look- What’s In!

I am all about easy and basic outfits that I can throw on and feel confident in all day. But, on the other hand, I also love to look put together and stylish. I’m here to tell you about all my secret tips and tricks to getting the perfect summer outfit together without much effort. Plus…. staying super comfortable and confident in your outfit all day long!




Let’s talk about ROMPERS- Oh. My. Goodness. I have just recently gotten into wearing rompers. And let me tell you, they are so comfortable! Also so easy, pants and a shirt in one! I am really tall, so it’s so hard for me to find rompers that fit me well. But, I found this romper at H&M and I LOVE it. It fits me so well and the shorts aren’t too short on me. Rompers are perfect for summer. You can dress them up or dress them down. They make it look like you spent a long time putting your outfit together, when really you just picked out one piece. This specific romper fits in perfectly with Summer weather because it is off the shoulders and very light weight. It also cinches in so nicely at the waist. The striped black and white pattern also goes great with anything.


Next lets talk about accessories. Specifically necklaces. On a normal day to day basis, I’m usually just wearing necklaces for jewelry. I have been super into layering dainty necklaces. And I have also been really into chokers. With this look, I decided to combine the two. My top two gold chokers have been my recent favorites. They are from Francesca’s. I am in love with the dangly detailing on the middle choker. It adds a lot to such a simple piece.  Then my bottom layer golden stone necklace is from Kendra Scott. I have been so obsessed with Kendra Scott recently. I only own two of her necklaces, but so many of her pieces have caught my eye. Simply just adding some necklaces, or any of your go-to jewelry, can step up your simple and easy outfit. I never go any where without layering a few necklaces!


Okay now one of my favorite things to dress up a basic outfit is with a… hat! Some people are afraid to wear hats because they are afraid it won’t look right on them. But, there are so many different styles of hats that you can find one that is a staple piece for any outfit and looks great on you! This hat is also from H&M. It is a simple black modern fedora. It can go with many different outfits. They are so easy to throw on, especially when you are having a bad hair day (which is me 95% of the time).


Okay, lastly onto shoes. I paired some chunky heeled sandals with this outfit. These shoes are so in right now. They are also super comfortable! The heel is very small and casual. I walked around all day in these without my feet hurting. These specific ones are by Rampage. I got them for a super affordable price. They are a perfect light nude and can be paired with almost any outfit. IMG_0106



Bailey Leanne

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